First Blog Post!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now, but I didn’t know if I would be good at it! Well, I guess that didn’t matter much because here I am, writing my first blog post. I’ll probably get better at writing posts, so for now, please be patient with me! The reason I decided to start a blog was because I have been learning so much about relationships. I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts about everything I have been learning.


Before I get into all of that, I should probably say a little bit about myself (but I’m sure most of the people reading this already know who I am). My name is Kiana, and I am a Christian. I am from a family of 5, and we’re far from normal (in the best way possible). I am engaged to an amazing man named David, who actually helped me to finally decide to start this blog. Most of what I write about will be centred around these three things (Faith, Family, Relationship), with some extra fun stuff on the side.

The next thing you might be wondering about is the name of this blog. I chose “It’s the Little Things,” because in life those little things can add up and become big things. And those big things become milestones that you remember forever. How cheesy does that sound? But I’m serious, think about the things in life that start off small and eventually grow to be really big. Love grows, faith grows, babies grow, plants grow, friendships grow… the list could go on forever. And I think God did that on purpose, so that we could be thankful for the smallest of things.

So there it is, my first blog post. That wasn’t so hard (at least not for me, reading it might be a different story). Also, I definitely didn’t take that picture, I just like the colour.


3 thoughts on “First Blog Post!

  1. Aww Kiana! I know I’m your mom and probably slightly biased. But this was so touching. Especially “love grows, faith grows, babies grow” ok I’ll stop with that. Yip babies grow. And I’m so proud of mine who has grown into a Jesus loving one. Keep up the great work. Proud of you Kiana Banana ❤

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