Some Thoughts on Paul [ Acts 9 ]

I have been reading through Acts lately, and I have found some things that I had never known before. We think we know the Bible because we have 5 verses memorized, and we know where to find the book of Amos, which is right after the book of Joel (and it probably took us a while to find that one, too). But when you decide to read through a whole book, you learn things that you never noticed before.


I got to Acts 9, where Saul’s conversion happens. He is literally on his way to go oppress anyone who preaches the Good News, when Jesus stops him with His blinding glory. Fast forward to Acts 9:20, and Saul immediately started to preach The Word of God after he had gotten his sight back. I think it is so cool that Jesus chose to reveal His glory to Saul because He knew Saul was meant for more than oppressing Christians. In Acts 9:20-22 it says that the people knew that Saul wanted to take anyone who preached in Jesus’ name to the chief priests. What a complete 180!

It amazes me that in just one encounter with Jesus, Saul (now called Paul) completely turned and followed Him. He devoted his entire life to preaching and visiting those who needed to hear the Good News. It makes me think about how much I hold back from God everyday. But I have let go of a lot, and I can truthfully say that stepping out in faith is better than cowering back in fear. I know this is super cheesy, but in Man of Steel there was one quote that really stuck out to me. One of the characters said to Clark, “Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.” This is so true because that’s what every Christian had to do when they chose to follow Christ.

That’s what anyone who ever did anything for the first time had to do. The best part about it is that once you take a step of faith, the next step isn’t too far away, and eventually you’re “Walking by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). I’m so glad I’m learning this, because walking by faith is a lot more fulfilling than walking by human sight. How can you fail when the One who made the universe is walking right beside you?


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