Then God said, “Let There Be… Science?”

I don’t want to stir up any debates, theological arguments, or scientific lessons. I’m not trying to attack, put down, or diminish other people’s views. But I have a few thoughts on science and God. A lot of people think that we can’t use science to prove that God exists. It’s true that God is a Spiritual Being, he is unseen, and that science is based on what we can see. Ok, let me back up. I looked up the term “science” in my handy Macbook Pro dictionary, and it gave me this definition: 

science |ˈsīəns|noun the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment: the world of science and technology.

The definition made sense to me, after re-reading it 5 times. What I got from it was that science is based on observation and experiment. We observe what we see, we test what we know, and we record the results. God has revealed Himself to us through creation. His handiwork is spread across the sky day and night (Psalm 19). His imagination has invented every colour we see, and even more that we can’t see. His hands have sculpted the human body, and He knits us together in the womb (Psalm 139). If you look at the sky at night, you know there has to be Someone bigger than you holding this universe together.

One of my favourite Christian speakers is Louie Giglio. He speaks on many different things, but my favourites are his messages about Earth and space. He speaks about the planets, the stars, and the galaxies. I don’t think I have watched one of his sermons without tearing up in awe of God.

What if God uses science as a way for us to get a better look at His glory? What if He is watching and waiting for us to discover things we could never have imagined? And what if He wants us to use science as a way of evangelism, like Louie Giglio does?

I really think science shows us how glorious and creative our God is. We just have to look around and see it.


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