Blameless By the Blood

So, I’m back at school for my senior year! It has been quite the process moving in, getting settled, and starting classes again. It is so great to be back. David and I are back at wedding planning together (a summer apart isn’t so wonderful for planning purposes). Apparently we need each other to decide on flowers, the cake, the pastor, and important things like that. Who knew?!

Anyways, I thought I would post something new to kick start the semester. The other day I was discussing a theological topic at a staff meeting. While being the only girl in the meeting talking about theology with 3 men probably doesn’t work to my advantage, I managed to get some words in. I really enjoyed listening to the guys talk, though, because I sometimes I don’t know enough about the topic to give my opinion. This time I did know enough about the topic, and I didn’t let the opportunity pass to share my views.


The topic we were talking about was sin, and if there were different levels or degrees of sin. The conclusion we came to was that, in God’s eyes, sin is sin. On the other hand, to the world (and the justice system) there are different degrees of sin. Even though this is a juicy topic, I won’t be writing much about it in this post.

What I do want to write about is the fact that God’s position and hatred of sin has not changed. God has hated sin ever since the Fall. However, the one thing that has changed is that Jesus is now in the middle, between God and us. He is literally in between God and His children. We are cleansed from unrighteousness because God looks through Jesus and sees us as holy. And the only reason we are holy is because the blood of Jesus was the one sacrifice that could satisfy the wrath of God. A thousand lambs sacrificed to God could never have completely cleansed us of the filth of sin that covered us before we accepted Jesus.

The point I’m trying to make is that God has always hated sin and He still does, but He was merciful enough to send His only Son as the ultimate atoning sacrifice. I think that is the most loving and selfless act He could ever make for people who could never repay Him. That’s who God is. And that’s who Jesus is. The One Who sent, and the One Who was sent to bring us back into a relationship with Him.


Phileo: Companionate Love

The difference between the two genders never ceases to amaze me. The moment you think you have the opposite gender all figured out, something happens that makes you feel just as lost as you felt before. And no matter how long you have been with someone, you will always learn something new. Of course you know a lot about the person you’re with, and – oh my goodness – you can even finish each other’s sentences. You know their favourite flavour of sour patch kids. And you even know that they really don’t like that one movie with that one person in it.

But there is one thing that takes the cake when it comes to my confusion about men. It’s the phrase “Just come here and sit with me while we watch a movie (or watch tv, or cook dinner, or write a paper).” It’s honestly very confusing to hear this when I have things to do and David just wants me to come and sit with him. I mean, we’re not really doing anything just sitting there watching tv, right? I could be doing plenty of other things, and he knows that. But I recently learned that men are energized by the presence of their (girlfriends, fiancées) wives. They love when we’re around. Have you ever noticed when you watch a guy play sports and some girls walk in (or maybe his girlfriend, fiancée, or wife) and he suddenly can make that basket or shoot straight into the net?

For some reason, and let’s be real… we kinda know the reason, men act a lot different when women are around. So, when David asks me to “come sit” with him, he’s asking me to work on our friendship. I realized (when I read Love & Respect, of course) that a man needs his wife to be his best friend. I think that’s so cool. Men definitely need their buddies, but there is something different about a wife being her husband’s best friend.

The phrase “come and sit with me” doesn’t bother me anymore. It just means that my fiancé wants to work on our friendship, because that is important to him. A good relationship does not consist of one person giving and the other person getting all the time. There needs to be an attitude of serving each other because you love each other. Working on each other’s different needs is a great way of serving,  and it’s a lot more rewarding.