4 Tips on How to Tame Bridezilla

Bridezilla is a touchy subject for almost every bride. If you are getting married, know someone who is getting married, or you are going to be in a wedding, you need to understand Bridezilla and how to tame her in case she makes an appearance. So, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to avoid unleashing Bridezilla.

1. Do not, under any circumstance, accuse the bride-to-be of being “Bridezilla.”

  • This is probably the most important tip because it would seem like it’s an innocent thing to say. But it’s not. Once you accuse the bride of being Bridezilla, she will probably become one (at least for a few minutes).


2. Let her learn things on her own.

  • If peonies are not in season and she swears they are because she “saw it in The Knot magazine,” let her learn that peonies are not in season. Trying to convince her that peonies are not in season will only make her angry, but if she learns it on her own then she’s the one who feels silly. Sure, you don’t get the credit for knowing when certain flowers are in season, but your friendship is still intact because it didn’t get trampled on by Bridezilla.

3. Let minor details go.

  • If she likes the huge monogram of their last initial a little to the left, and you think it should be a little to the right, let it go. She will probably say one of two things: “It’s my day!” or “My opinion is the only one that matters.” When it comes to that point, you have almost unleashed Bridezilla, and it might be hard to put her back in her cage.

4. (For Brides – and the wedding party… and the parents…) Chill out.

  • You have been busy with wedding plans, and all you can think about is flowers and cakes. Take a little time for yourself. It’s ok – no, it’s IMPERATIVE – that you take some time to chill out. Get your nails done, go to the spa (or have your own at-home spa day), or read a book. You need to take a break from the wedding plans. I promise they will be there when you get back. Trust me… they will be there. No one can make the decisions for you. And as you probably know, you wouldn’t want someone else to make those decisions anyway.

These tips are definitely not a guaranteed way to keep the lovely Bride from becoming Bridezilla, but they will help with taking some stress out of wedding planning. Remember, the wedding is one day. Put your energy into something that you want to last a lifetime: your marriage. You’ve got some perspective. Breathe. And go choose the colour of your napkins.


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