Why Love is Not All You Need

I have been on Pinterest recently, pinning wedding ideas that only a DIY queen could pull off, and home decorating ideas that only Martha Stewart could make happen. But I’m not going to write about wedding planning or home decorating tips. I have scrolled past one too many quote pins; quotes about life, love, and shoes. Quotes from songs, poems, and romance novels. But the one quote that has been getting to me is the one that says, “Love is all you need” or “All you need is love.”


I understand that the people who pin these quotes are usually more interested in the design and if there’s a free printable linked to the picture. But I would cringe whenever I saw the quote, and I started to wonder why. I came to the conclusion that the quote was false. Love is not all you need. I’m not going to get into the whole theology of Jesus + nothing = everything. I understand that Jesus is love and if you only had Jesus then you would have everything. I am not disregarding that fact. What I am trying to say is that love is not the only thing that makes a relationship (friendship, dating, or marriage) work. I have had my fair share of moments with David that were less than loving. But you know what? We made it through those moments. And the reason is because we have other ways of working things out besides loving the problem into a solution.

If all you needed was love, then you wouldn’t need joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). If all you needed was love, then all your problems in your relationships would be solved with “I love you.” But they’re not. They’re just not. We get into fights, we say things we don’t mean. But if all you needed was love, then forgiveness wouldn’t be necessary either.

Problems in relationships are not solved just by the plain fact that you love each other. You have to be patient, and you have to be kind. Love is not a noun. It’s not something you obtain. Love is a Fruit of the Spirit, just like the others I listed before. God wouldn’t give us nine Fruits of the Spirit if we needed just one.

I guess my point is that these quotes that look great in special type and design, might not be practical advice you can rely on. So before you go looking for a free printable of a quote that means hardly anything, take a look at the quotes from the Scriptures (there are some cute designs, too!). I know I need to take my own advice and stop looking at Pinterest for inspirational quotes. I need to look to God for my inspiration. He’s the One who enables me to use the Fruits of the Spirit in my life, including love.