I’m a Woman, I Have Rights! … Right?

I used to think I had the role of women understood. I have read Genesis many times, and I enjoy reading about how man “should not be alone.” The word helper made sense to me, until I heard what the Hebrew translation was. I always understood the word helper to mean a partner, but it’s so much more than that. The Hebrew word for helper is Ezer, which means “to rescue, to save.” It also means “strength.” Isn’t that neat? I think it’s so cool that God chose to use that word to describe what women were made for.

When I first heard the translation of “helper” in my Marriage & Family course at Liberty, I felt a sense of confidence. But not the confidence that culture says that women should have, it was a God-given confidence. I thought helper was a term that meant a woman was someone who was passive until her help was needed. It turns out that women were created for more than “helping.” Women were made to be a source of strength for their husbands. We are to fight to protect the honour and reputation of our men. But this role is not to be filled by a woman who thinks too highly of herself. This role was meant to be filled by a humble, serving woman. If you’re looking for ways to show respect to your fiancé or husband, then fulfilling your womanly role is a great place to start!

By showing your man that you accept the role God has given you instead of fighting against it, then your man can assume his role, too. Things go a lot more smoothly when we accept our rightful role as woman and stop fighting against it. I’m not saying a woman can’t go out and work (this isn’t about having a career), what I am saying is a woman was given to Adam. We were made for man, because it was not good that man should be alone. But God didn’t create woman so that man could step all over her. That is why He chose the word Ezer to describe the woman’s role. It sounds backwards, but I have stopped trying to be the leader in my relationship with David, and I actually feel like we’re more of a team this way. And that’s because we have both assumed our proper roles.

I don’t say all of this so that we can go and brag about how cool our role is (even if it is pretty cool). I’m saying all of this so that we can finally understand what the word “helper” really means, and step up and accept the role that God has given to us as women.