Driving in Cars With… Examiners

There are many things in life that you can really, really dread doing. You could dread going to school, going to work, or taking out the trash. You can dread doing a lot of things. But I bet that taking your road test (once for your G2 and then for your G, if you’re lucky, but most of the time a couple times over) ranks pretty high on your “I would rather do anything but this” list.


I’m not complaining. I mean, I’ve had it pretty good with my tests. Even though I failed my G2 (the amount of times is irrelevant…) before I got it, I passed my G on the first go. For my American friends, your G1 is your learner’s permit, your G2 is also a permit but you can drive without a parent, and your G is your full license. It’s a long process to get your G, because you have to make sure you are good driver before you do your G test.

I sort of feel bad for the examiners, though. Even though you might think they are out to fail you, I really think they are just trying to survive the next half an hour. In a car. With a total stranger. Who might not know how to drive. That’s pretty scary. So I respect them for doing that job, because it can’t be easy (or thrilling or safe). Sure, I can say that now. I drove well enough to keep myself and my examiner in one piece, so I have my license. But I do know the horrible, heart falling into your stomach feeling you get when the examiner says to you, “You didn’t pass today.”

It’s probably not the most enjoyable thing to tell someone that they failed, either. Everyone has seen the driving school cars on the road. I parked beside about ten driving school cars when I went for my G test. Their names are so ridiculous. All Pass, All-star, Pro-star… the list goes on. And just for fun, I googled “Driving school names” and found: Purrfect Driving, Steer We Go!, Drive Straight with Jason Tait, and Wheely Wheely Good Driving School. I just can’t even explain that last one. Or the first one. Or any of them for that matter. But I bet that the examiner who fails an All Pass student might feel bad, even just a little bit.

So don’t blame your examiner if you fail. They probably just felt their life or someone else’s life (including yours) was in danger. I would rather fail at the test than fail alone at the wheel because I got a license I shouldn’t have received. But once you pass, it feels great and you can relax knowing you are cautious enough to be trusted with a driver’s license.